Message from the Superintendent

Good morning parents and families of Oglesby School District 125-

Tomorrow start is a big day- it’s our return to learn for the 2020-2021 school year after the end of a crazy year, all the guidance, FAQ’s and plans.  We appreciate your efforts as we have sent out the many surveys, information, guidance and plans over the past several months.  We are looking forward to having interactions with your students either in-person or through a remote setting.  There has been much planning of many different people in order to begin the school year and we’ve taken the last three days with our teachers to further prepare them for this coming school year.  Please be patient with us as we work through any guidance and updates we receive as there is a good chance things may change some along the way.  We are not doctors nor are we in the medical field, but we’ve been tasked to put together the safest plan possible for our students and their safety is of the utmost importance to us and a driving factor.  As of 8/13/2020, we’ve received the most current update from the Illinois Department of Public Health and I wanted to share that with you before you return.  I will highlight a few areas, but will also attach the FAQ to this notice.  We will continue to be in touch with LaSalle County Health Department(LCHD) for their guidance should there be a case.  I appreciate all the help you have been along the way and we will work at OPS to make the best year possible for your child in his/her experience at OPS.  If you have questions, please contact your teacher if it pertains directly to instruction or administration if it is something else.  It’s great to be a bulldog!

Here are some of those reminders and changes to IDPH guidance:

  • You will be required to do a self-check of your student daily that can be found through the teacherease portal. 
  • Parents are asked to notify the school district as soon as possible if confirmed, probable or required to quarantine by medical provider or LaSalle County Health Department.
  • Staff and students confirmed or probable cases of COVID-19 must be quarantined for 10 calendar days.  
  • All students and staff sent home with COVID-like symptoms should be diagnostically checked and stay home until test results or doctor diagnosis. 
  • Students and staff that were diagnosed with non-COVID illness must meet specific criteria upon return.
  • Students and staff with sypmtoms who do not get tested or provide a healthcare provider’s not documenting alternative diagnosis must complete 10 calendar isolation from date of first symptom and fever free without medications and any other symptom improve before return. 
  • LCHD strongly recommend medical evaluation and diagnostic testing. 
  • If a student is sent home with COVID-like symptoms, his/her sibling(s) would also be sent home for quarantine based upon the guidance given. 
  • Contact tracing will be done through LCHD as for their guidance to isolate or quarantine.

Please be sure to read over the rest of the FAQ guidance. 

Michael Pillion, Superintendent Oglesby School District 125