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~ School Resumes on Tuesday, April 22nd ~

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Scholastic Bowl Team Places Third

The Oglesby Washington Scholastic Bowl team won third place at The Vermilion Conference Scholastic Bowl Tournament on Saturday, April 5 th . Congratulations on your season and placing at conference.   read more

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Student Council Sponsors "Blast From The Past" Day

April 11th was "Blast From The Past" Day at Oglesby Public Schools. The students dressed in their favorite time period. There was attire from Roman Times, the 50s, 60s, 80s through the 2000s.




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The Ultimate Students Versus Staff Challenge!

On Friday afternoon, April 11th, the students challenged the staff to the Ultimate Students Versus Staff Challenge! The staff dominated the challenge by winning three of the four activities.

The challenge started with the staff competing against the 8th grade Scholastic Bowl team. This activity was a modified scholastic bowl. It only consisted of toss-up questions. The staff remained undefeated in this challenge, winning 12 to 5.

At the completion of the Scholastic Bowl event, the 8th grade volleyball team competed against the staff in a volleyball game. Again the staff walked away with the win 20 to 9.

The next very physical activity was a basketball game consisting of the 8th grade girls and boys basketball teams against the staff. After a slow start, the staff triumphed with a score of 18 to 12.

The last activity was dominated by the students. The track team competed against the staff in 4 activities. The first was a jump rope challenge - who could jump the longest. That was won the students. The next two challenges were different types of jump rope relays. The 8th grade boys won both of those events. The last event in the track activity was a relay. The staff won that event, but lost the track activity with an overall score of 5 to 15.



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