Work Completion Program

Beginning the first full week of school, Oglesby Washington School and Grades 3-5 at Lincoln School begin the work completion program for students in grades 3-8. There will be two half-hour sessions available; one at Washington School and one at Lincoln School. At Washington School the program is scheduled in the morning from 8:15 a.m.-8:40 a.m. At Lincoln School it is scheduled after school Monday – Thursday from 3:25 p.m.-3:55 p.m. In each of these study halls the students will have a teacher available to assist them in completing their assignments. Mrs. Goff-Rietgraf-Zimmer will monitor the morning session and Mrs. Bell will monitor the afternoon portion of this program at Lincoln.

 This program will be available each day before and after school. Any student is welcome to take advantage of this program. Students are to report directly to the assigned teacher’s classroom promptly at the starting time of the work completion session in order to participate. Students are not to wander the halls.

 The purposes of this program are:

  1. to provide an opportunity for students to complete assignments and have teacher assistance available
  2. to provide a vehicle for junior high teachers to direct students for help when they are not meeting all classroom expectations
  3. to provide the opportunity for students to get help on a daily basis if they need it to complete assignments
  4. to provide parents with teacher assistance beyond the school day on a regularly scheduled basis

This program is not intended to take the place of any after/before school assistance that is available from all of our teachers. This program is additional and will hopefully assist more students in meeting academic expectations that have been set.

Despite District efforts, the problem of work completion is still an area of concern. Parents, students, or teachers can request student participation in this program.

Mrs. Goff-Rietgraf-Zimmer and Mrs. Bell will function as facilitators, that is, they will aid the students in finishing their assignments. They will provide a quiet work environment for the students. They will be available to assist students in the assignments should they have questions. They will monitor student work while in the classroom. They will be available to help prepare students for tests. Each teacher will keep the administration informed of the progress being made. Mrs. Goff-Rietgraf-Zimmer and Mrs. Bell may contact parents when issues or concerns surface which warrant conversation with the home.

PLEASE NOTE: Parents are responsible for any transportation arrangements which may be needed at the completion of this program.