School Closings

In the event that school would be closed because of inclement weather or some other emergency issue, student safety will always be the first concern in making that determination. A major factor in arriving at the decision is collaboration with the bus company to ensure that students on bus routes can arrive safely. When school is cancelled, we will enact the Apptegy Alert system, contact local radio station WLPO and post it on our own website, and Facebook and Twitter pages. You can also check WLPO’s website for updates of school closings. Our primary means of contact will be done through the Apptegy Alert system.

The Apptegy Alert system is an automated messaging system used to communicate with parents for emergency and non-emergency reasons. When receiving a message, please keep the following in mind:

  1. The system is an automated system used to communicate with parents.
  2. The system could be used both as a phone call as well as an Email and text. (not every notice will automatically have a simultaneous E-mail and/or text)
  3. The numbers given at registration are the numbers used for contact.
  4. It is imperative that the school has up-to-date information of contacts, so please notify the school of any changes in contact information.
  5. If you are not home, the system should leave a message on your answering machine.
  6. The district phone number will be displayed on your caller ID when an announcement goes out.
  7. If it is an emergency closing that goes out, it may not appear as the school’s phone number on display, but could be 411 and a number after that.

Please be sure that we are up-to-date with your correct information to ensure that you will receive a call through our Apptegy Alert system. If you have changed phone or E-mail, contact the Washington School Office at 815-883-9297, ext. 210. The Apptegy Alert system will be used for everything from reminders of events to emergency school closings.

Once students are in school, it would be very rare that we dismiss school early due to the range in ages of the children. It is very hard to make sure that all parents could be contacted and arrangements could be made to ensure that an adult could be home when the children arrive. The safety of the children is the primary concern.