Early Childhood Philosophy & Mission Statements

The philosophy of the Oglesby Public Schools' Early Childhood Education Program is designed to help develop positive self-concept, enhance creativity, and enrich each child's life socially, intellectually, and emotionally. There is an atmosphere of acceptance in which the individual needs of each child are considered and in which the child can flourish and grow under the guidance of qualified teachers.

This program is based on the developmental approach to early childhood education that places emphasis on learning skills that are geared to each child's stage of readiness or development. Our approach to learning recognizes the tremendous capacity and desire of the young child to discover and explore the environment of their immediate world enabling him or her to convert his natural curiosity into the learning process.

District #125 Mission Statement
All children can learn. It is the mission of Oglesby Elementary Schools to present opportunities for children to grow and develop as emerging learners within a complex society. We will provide a learning environment that is conducive for learning and allows for personal development to take place. District personnel will strive to provide the children with those ingredients needed to build a solid foundation as each child evolves into a lifelong learner.

Early Childhood Program Mission Statement
It is the mission of this program to provide quality, developmentally appropriate, early childhood education to children ages three though five, which are not eligible for kindergarten. This program examines the needs of the children, families, school districts, and communities we serve. The curriculum addresses the identified needs. Understanding the parent is the child’s first and most important teacher, every effort is made to help the family educate the child. This program has an important role in shaping the social, emotional, and intellectual development of the young child. The intent of this program is to provide enriching, enjoyable, and meaningful activities that nurture young children. 

Participating School Contact Information
Lincoln School Preschool Office (815) 883-9297, ext. 124

Tonica Grade School (815) 442-3420

Lostant Grade School (815) 368-2292

Waltham South Grade School (815) 667-4790

Deer Park School (815) 434-6930

Illinois Central School Bus (815) 220-8800

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