PA 99-590 was signed into law on July 22. The legislation requires each school district in the State to report to ISBE information concerning the administration of assessments to students at each school building. The district is also required to post this information on its web page to be reported to parents.

Information that must be reported includes:

  • The administration window for each assessment.
  • Which entity is requiring the assessment.
  • Which grade levels will be taking the assessment.
  • Which subset of students, such as English Learners and special education students, will be taking the assessment.
  • An estimate of the average time it will take a student to complete the assessment.
  • If the results of the assessment are to be used for purposes other than for guiding instruction, what the results of the assessment will be used for, such as for promotion, course placement, graduation, teacher evaluation, or school performance ratings.

Click below to see the survey results for each school in Oglesby District 125.

Lincoln School Assessment

Washington School Assessment