Residents attending a Board of Education Meeting have the expressed right to attend, observe, and address the Board. An individual wishing to address the Board at any scheduled meeting is required to request to have the opportunity no less than 48 hours prior to the scheduled meeting. This can only be done through direct contact with the Superintendent or his designee. The individual seeking to address the Board is also required to inform the Superintendent of the topic to be discussed at the time of his or her request.

Agenda Items
A resident may request recognition to speak to the Board on any agenda item. The presentation should be directed to the entire Board, and be limited to a reasonable length of time. Should a large number of people wish to address the same issue, it is recommended that a spokesperson be selected to represent the group.

Non-Agenda Items
A resident may address the Board concerning any items not on the agenda during the time set up each meeting for public comment on the order of business.

Parents are always welcome to visit Oglesby Public Schools, and may set up an appointment for a classroom visit by contacting the school office.

Lincoln School (815) 883-9297, Option 1

Washington School (815) 883-9297, Option 2

To contact the board directly, please send a message to and the appropriate person will reply to your email. Should you have an emergency or a time sensitive issue, it is recommended that you contact people directly at the appropriate school such as your child’s teacher or building administrator. For district business, you can contact Michael Pillion, Superintendent, at